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The De LaSalle Christian Brothers Residence is located in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The addition was completed in Fall of 2010. The overall site is a beautiful combination of woodland and open lawn with sweeping views to the water. The existing structures are graciously and well sited, taking advantage of the spectacular location. Despite the abundance of real estate, the addition was very much in the spirit of an urban infill project. It needed to relate to, tie together, and transform a series of seemingly incongruous conditions.

The new addition connects existing school, monastery, and office facilities. It is intended to have its own unique design and act as a focal point to the campus. At the same time, the addition attempts to blend with the grand historic monastery structure as well as the more modern low school building. Central space acts as a reception area for up to one hundred people, while also serving as living space for the residents. Hard wood paneling and stone accents were used in the palette of materials. The contractor for the project was Gilbane Building Company.